Summer course was sew good

SewingMachinesThe popular BBC programme The Great British Sewing Bee has generated a lot of interest in sewing in the UK over the last few years, including in Warsop. Big Warsop’s RoLo/Community Chest has provided £500 to fund Warsop Infotech to run dress-making classes over the summer break.

Jennifer Thompson who attended the course said: “I’ve been attending sewing courses at Warsop Town Hall for around two years now, and consequently I am usually able to complete sewing projects at home without assistance. However, I do miss the company of my fellow sewers during the long summer break so I was delighted when Mike Johnson from the Warsop Infotech Group secured funding from Big Warsop to run this course during the summer break.

Pattern“Sewing in the company of others is much more enjoyable and having our tutor on hand to help with any new techniques needed to complete a project means that the learning process can continue.”

Ruth Carroll is another learner who attended the course. She said: “I’ve been attending sewing courses for about a year now and have learned how to make dresses and blouses. The extra sewing course that has been funded by Big Warsop is a great way to do complete more sewing projects and learn new skills. It’s also a good way to meet new people and make new friends with like-minded people.”

CuttingOutTo find out how you can apply for funding for your project from the RoLo/Community Chest, visit the Community Chest page on our website.