Big Local Rep Report Covid19 and Big Warsop

COVID-19 and Big Warsop

How is Big Warsop and its partners responding to the COVID-19 outbreak? We will use the information to better understand how Big Local areas are responding to the crisis. It will also help Local Trust to respond appropriately to the needs of Big Local areas.

The outbreak has only really affected places in the last 3 weeks, and we understand things are moving quickly and you may not be aware of everything that is happening in response to the outbreak. If you feel you are unable to adequately answer the question, please tick ‘Don’t know’ or type ‘Don’t know’ for your answer.

  1. *During the COVID-19 outbreak, is the partnership currently making decisions related to Big Local?


Yes – Same as before (via Skype, email and phone calls
Yes – but less than before
No – but they are developing a new way of working to continue to make decisions
No – the partnership has not been able to make any decisions related to Big Local
No – the partnership wasn’t due to meet/make decisions in this time
Don’t know


  1. *Would you describe the partnership during this outbreak as:


Getting on as normal
Not operational (ie no partnership meetings planned or no on the ground activity)
Other: Motivated and compassionate



*Please explain:

These are early days and this high level of community crisis may yet go on for some time. In this fast changing landscape, the partnership will go through its own struggles and challenges, but its response as a group, as individuals and through its network of partners has engaged and energised all that is kind, considerate, compassionate and caring in the community.


  1. *Since the COVID-19 outbreak, has the area responded in any of these ways:


Coordinating volunteers
Networking/coordinating with authorities
Identifying the needs of the community
Providing food banks/food parcels
Delivering food for vulnerable people/people in isolation
Running errands for vulnerable people/people in isolation
Sharing advice and guidance
Remote befriending activities for people living alone (Zumba through Zoom)
Books/toys exchanges (a community group has a Facebook page posting pictures for children to colour and is sharing information that has helped the Community Action Response (CAR) Warsop Project. Sports for Kids is also running sessions on line.)
Resources for home schooling (See above)
Other (please specify in the box below)


If other, please specify:

A local councillor and CVS co-ordinator are clear that Warsop is the best in the district in responding to poor, isolated and vulnerable people.


Life Spring Project is coordinating the response, the speed and reach being thanks to the increased connectivity and community capacity that Big Warsop has supported principally through Vibrant’s Strengthening Communities programme. For partners in this response such as the Carrs Warsop Project “having Vibrant and Life Spring to work with has been excellent. We were able to give out 22 food parcels within 7 days.”


The chair of Big Warsop summarised: “The key thing for me is that if we hadn’t been running Big Warsop these last few years and if Vibrant had not been funded for strengthening communities then I, as a member of my community, would be feeling very lost as to what to do right now.

With the community group contacts we have from Big Warsop and Vibrant (through engagement and projects) we have been able to support bringing people together and I feel very proud that we are able to do this. So far some have signed up as volunteers, our networks are getting in touch with and supporting vulnerable people and referring to agencies for specialist support, delivering food parcels.”


  1. *Has the partnership worked collaboratively with any of the following organisations on the COVID-19 response:


Yes No I don’t know


Local council/authority
NHS body (GP/surgery clinic/hospital)


Local business


Councils for Voluntary Services (CVS)
Rural Community Council (RCC)
Other voluntary organisations
Other (please specify below)


If other, please specify:

Not so much “Other” as a comment on the above:



We are working closely with the mayor.



“I am still contracted by the CCG and continue to inform them of the work being undertaken in Warsop particularly by Vibrant via Strengthening Communities.” (CVS co-ordinator)


“We are in contact with the Primary Integrated Community Services – coordinator from Warsop Surgery and she is aware of the project and has offered any help she can give.” (Chair of Big Warsop / Vibrant)


Over-stretched local support

Age UK has taken 20 referrals from Vibrant and from MCVS but they will soon reach capacity. Age UK still does the shopping and deliveries; Vibrant can do the emergency hampers.


MCVS and local authority response

“People pulling together is great and it is stopping people descending into crisis. I understanding the council protecting its staff but I am amazed at what it expects from the voluntary sector and from Mansfield CVS. I am shocked by social workers being told they can’t go into in a person’s house and telling CVS to do it instead – not professionally qualified, not adequately supported. We have also been designated (without consultation) the triage point and our phones are going crazy.


Needs and services are changing daily. We are giving a daily update via podcast and emails, including sharing what national organisations are doing and making available across the country, for example MIND, Age UK and information from DWP on how do you claim.” (CVS co-ordinator)


  1. Funding and LTOs:

We know that locally trusted organisations will be facing an even more challenging context in the coming months and may experience unexpected losses of income or increased expenses as they respond to the pandemic. To help us manage the risks associated with this please let us know the following:

*Are there any indicators that the LTO is experiencing financial or other difficulties that will affect their ability to manage Big Local funding in the next 3-6 months, eg staff illness, office closure, loss of funding or income, not responding to queries from you or the partnership?

Yes No Not sure



“We will be furloughing a couple of staff around the room hire. Other contracts for example from the CCG are continuing to be paid with variation in KPIs.”


We expect that partnerships and LTOs will also be looking at local responses to the pandemic. We want to be able to support areas in a flexible and responsive way and have set out a series of options for areas over this period of disruption here, and you can find our guidance on how to apply for a variation or extension in Big Local funding processes. To help us keep in touch with how funding is being allocated during the pandemic please let us know the following:

*Is the partnership planning activities, particularly in response to Covid-19, that are outside their Big Local plan?

Yes No




If yes, please explain briefly what these are and comment whether the LTO has contacted Local Trust about a variation to their grant?



Big Warsop’s existing plan has a key theme and priority based on Strengthening Communities and it is anticipated that any immediate emerging needs will be alighned to this dedicated funding, along with the Good Ideas Pot which is designed to be adaptable and responsive to emerging community need and initiatives.