Aspire Apr 14

Great news earlier this week Mansfield District Council approved the conditions for our planning, enabling work to commence at the Aspire Centre (old Eastwoods Depot next to the Health Centre).

Almost 3 years behind the scenes to get to this point, and with only weeks to go until the original planning application lapsed, not time to delay in starting.

Earlier today (25thApril 2014) a few volunteers from @BigWarsop and the Warsop Youth Club, along with David Childs and his JCB from Hopkinson Plant Hire Ltd. began to clear the site to make it safer to start the rest of the works on site and prepare for the car park which is one of the next important jobs we need to start outside, followed promptly by the landscaping and polly tunnels to kick start the horticulture side of our delivery plan.

Dave did a great job with his JCB and managed to finish it in one day, half the time we thought, well done Dave.

Very exciting, seeing our dreams to start to become a reality. Attached are some of the photos from today, for those that have seen the site of late, seeing it cleared now gives a real feel for how much space there is and the possibilities this holds. As well as being able visualise the plans more clearly.

Massive thanks to Trevor Hayes @BigWarsop for leading on the planning conditions and organising Dave and his Trust JCB, without his tenacity, knowledge and time, we would not be in this position today. Thank You Trevor

Exciting times, there is lots to do and we need to keep the momentum up and the overall costs down, in order to bring the site bag into operation for you, so we really need YOUR help people and businesses of Warsop Parish, please register your interest to help us on our website, or via BigWarsop on Facebook or Twitter, or pop in to Town Hall and let Tania, Lesley or Michael have your details.

We need all kinds of help, for example ideas, advice, project management, time and effort, skilled trades, so please do get involved. @BigWarsop our mission is to deliver for the people in the Parish and to invest the £1million wisely to create a sustainable series of vibrant projects for the whole community

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