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What does the Big Local lottery say… …about how the Big Local Trust should work?

Here are the Key points to date;
Vision – For local people to make their communities a better place to live in – now and in the future
Decisions – Community to be involved in choosing priorities and specific projects
Long term benefit – No quick fixes,money available over up to 10 years to make a long term difference
Additionality – BLT cannot replace funding that has been cut by a previous provider.

Projects will need to be chosen that reflect these key points.

More key facts…
…about Warsop that will inform your thinking when we ask about what our million pounds should be spent on.

Health and Wellbeing
On average, people living in Meden ward live 3 years longer than their neighbours in Birklands

Children and Young People
27.7% of children under 20yrs of age are living in poverty across Warsop.

Enterprise, Employment and Training
24.7% of Warsop’s working age population are in receipt of DWP benefits – almost 10% more than the Nottinghamshire average.

Safer and Stronger Communities
Our contact list shows that Warsop has (at least) a whopping 37 community and interest groups – from Bridge to BMX!

The money will not be available to spend until early 2012 and in the meantime there will be a lot of work to agree what it should be spent on, how that decision is made and who guides the process. In future editions of the Warsop Parish News and on Warsop Web we will be letting you know more of the Key Facts about Warsop in 2010, so that you can help make some informed decisions about how to spend a million. We will give more information also on what the Big Lottery says we need to achieve with money. You might also want to be part of the group that manages the project in 2012. Keep a look out in the same places for how you can get involved. More details of the Big Local trust are available at