Local Rep’s update for Quarter 4 2015

bill b 0506October – December 2015: The latest report from our Big Local Rep

The autumn has been a busy and very productive spell for Big Warsop, in both running the partnership and doing a great deal to deliver on the ambitious plan.

Running things

The partnership continues in reasonable shape, though a bit overstretched and needing a few new resident recruits and admin support with minutes and agendas.

The partnership wants to know what difference Big Warsop is making and joined up with two other Big Local areas for a workshop on evaluating change. The partnership agreed as a result to scrutinise all reports from those receiving funding, to agree where follow up and visits may be necessary, to develop an annual perceptions survey and to create an evaluation budget in the next plan to make available additional resource to dig deeper when needed.

The partnership is currently working to a one-year plan and is getting ready to build a third plan, this one being for two years. To kick things off, we undertook a review of the partnership in November which was sent to Local Trust. The next stage is to review activities undertaken in January, hold a consultative meeting in February and to submit the new plan and budget in March.

Doing things

In the autumn the partnership agreed to action on the communications side, having been frustrated in its attempts to set up a news hub with young reporters. Guidemark Publishing developed a communications strategy for Big Warsop and is now putting this into action. This has been hugely helpful in a short period of time. The website is refreshed and has been updated with minutes of partnership meetings, annual reviews and AGM reports, the range of activities in the plan and what’s on offer. Most importantly, there are a growing number of stories about what’s changed for residents as a result of the funding received, including through activities for older residents, training to help secure jobs and the success of the annual carnival. Finally there are updates on the big commitment to support the community hub.

A very encouraging and exciting venture has also been germinating these last three months through the care and dedication of Andrew Johnson and Tim Gibbon from Meden School to purchase and secure the running of a community mini bus.

Looking ahead

The partnership is focusing on building its new plan over the coming three months. In January it is looking to review progress. In February it is running a wider community consultation event. In March it will finalise and submit the plan before holding its AGM.

Working well

The development of the community mini bus is a strong example of dedication, time and effort by one member of the resident partnership to bring an idea to fruition. Comms has seen a complete turnaround and this in turn feeds back positively to residents, partners and the partnership group.


Bill Badham

Big Warsop Big Local Rep


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