Local Rep’s update for Quarter 4 2013

September – December 2013: Big Warsop Big Local Rep quarterly review 

The partnership has had the plan approved and moved to the implementation phase. The main focus has been on the community hub. The consultants have been retained to assist in developing the next phase. The focus has been on:

  • Ensuring that Warsop Youth Club is a fit and proper organisation able to take on the community hub.
  • Setting up a task group which includes WYC trustees which now includes three people from Big Warsop Partnership.
  • Liaising with Eastwoods Foundation and their solicitors on the terms of the agreement.
  • Helping to draft an agreement between WYC and Big Warsop.
  • Drafting the business plan for the community hub.

The community chest has meanwhile continued to flourish and members of Big Warsop and successful applicants were warmly welcomed to a Rotary Club evening focus on this excellent and successful partnership. The partnership meetings have also looked at other priorities, using the quarterly spend profile as a means of prioritising.

Going well

The developments with the community hub are going well, despite a hiccup at the end of this quarter when Eastwoods solicitors didn’t have the papers ready. A potential tricky relationship is working out well, with WYC gaining understanding in what they are taking on and that Big Warsop is a stakeholder through funding but is not the accountable body. The idea of a joint commissioning group is emerging which could work well. The agreement between WYC and BW will include a claw back clause were the venture to end prematurely.

Looking ahead

The focus on the hub has meant other deliverables or developmental aspects of the plan have skipped a beat. In December however this was addressed – the Chair going through the plan line by line and assigning accountabilities. The area has been a pleasure to work with and the tensions over the community hub have, in the main, been creative and arising from passion and community interest.

Bill Badham

Big Warsop Big Local Rep

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