Local Rep’s update for Quarter 3 2016

Big Local Rep’s report for July to September 2016

Looking back

It has been a busy and productive three months for Big Warsop in running and doing things.

Running things

Big Warsop’s AGM was held at the Shed community hub in July and was very well attended by over 30 people. An excellent and informative presentation was given. The Annual newsletter was available and was also delivered to all households documenting activity and impact. The election of new partnership members has refreshed and strengthened the group bringing in new ideas and skills, linking with the launch of the new plan. Michael Smith was asked and accepted to remain as chair during this transition.

The partnership continues to meet monthly; reports on activities, minutes of meetings and stories of action and change are all posted on the website. The partnership also continues to contribute to wider and national research, sharing its contribution to measuring impact.

Doing things

There was much happening between July and September. The Warsop Carnival attracted an estimated 4,500 people on 3 July. The event, which is organised by the Warsop Carnival Committee, received £4,000 of funding from Big Warsop in 2016. Meden School used the event to launch a new charity project ‘Operation Champion’.

Other activity included the Warsop Youth Club summer of fun activities which was attended by 89 young people aged between 6 and 17 and successful First Aid training. The community chest partnership with The Rotary funded groups like the Scouts to get new equipment and Warsop Infotech to run dress-making classes over the summer break. CAB advice sessions continue to be well attended indicating the vital need for accessible advice in the Parish.

Jigsaw continue to deliver exercise classes and a lunch club to older residents, and are looking to expand their project to encourage new volunteers and offer a broader range of activities. The new Community Mini Bus continues to be used by a variety of local groups.
Looking ahead

As the new partnership beds in it will review how it is doing in November and consider how to build community engagement based on the successes of the event in February last year and the opportunities afforded by the opening of the Shed. Vibrant Warsop has received £34.7k funding to support work in strengthening communities. Some of the partnership will be taking part in a regional Big Local network, affording the opportunity to see what others are doing.