Local Rep’s update for Quarter 2 2015

bill b 0506April – June 2015: Local Rep’s Review

Looking back

Running things

The partnership undertook a review of the first 18 months and its first delivery plan and submitted this, its second plan and budget to Local Trust in April. This was all reviewed and agreed, so that Big Warsop now has its second plan in place. It holds on to what was most successful in the first and takes on new challenges.

The partnership held its second AGM to tie in with the second plan. The partnership board was congratulated on its achievements and re-elected. Michael Smith remains as chair and Halina Kochanowski as vice chair. Two additional people came to the following partnership meeting to explore potential membership.

Doing things

The focus for the partnership is toward building a wider range of service level agreements with partners who will deliver activities to achieve the intended outcomes in the plan. These focus on work with children and young people and older residents, along with those inherited in the first plan such as on adult education and training and trowel trades. New ideas include a partnership with Medan School to work with students to form a news hub. This will ensure improved reporting on activity and the sharing of success stories of action and change on the website.

A very significant success has been agreeing to have installed a number of defibrillators across the parish. These are being funded through the Good Ideas pot and represent a great achievement and hard work from the plan co-ordinator. They have gained a strong feel good factor from residents and local organisations alike, praising Big Warsop for its initiative

Looking ahead

There is increased momentum across Big Warsop, with frequent requests being considered by the partnership at each monthly meeting. ROLO continues strongly in partnership with Rotary and the annual Warsop Carnival happens in July, with two members of the partnership effectively running and managing it.

Vibrant Warsop has put in a proposal to help build the capacity of local groups and Medan School is seeking support to purchase a minibus with the potential for community use being explored. Work on the community hub progresses and money has been drawn down for site development.

What’s going well

Partnership meetings have renewed energy and focus based on reviewing current funded activity and exploring new opportunity for delivery to progress outcomes and the flexibility to respond to new initiatives as they arise. The partnership is not meeting in July, with the carnival uppermost in people’s minds. In August and September, the partnership will be well placed to consolidate its progress under the new plan and take any action needed to address shortfall.


Bill Badham

Big Warsop Big Local Rep

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