Local Rep’s Update for Quarter 1 2017

January to March 2017

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership continues to meet monthly and partner agreements, reports on activities, minutes of meetings and stories of action and change are all posted on the website. Monthly financial updates are provided by the Local Trusted Organisation, Mansfield CVS.

The partnership held an additional session in March to review how current funded activity is contributing to Big Warsop’s long term vision. There is a strong plan in place based on residents’ needs and priorities. But as Big Warsop comes in sight of the half way point for this ten year programme, it wanted to be sure how short term projects are contributing to Big Warsop’s longer term vision. Members reflected that the obstacles of a worsening landscape, cut backs and lack of significant employment, are essentially beyond Big Warsop’s ability to redress in any significant way. They remind the partnership of the need for an effective and realistic vision within this difficult and challenging backdrop. But obstacles that are about relationships, attitude and capacity have been in part addressed by the partnership and can continue to be. The partnership agreed to a more cautious goal: “Our vision is to help make Warsop Parish an even better place to live, restoring some vibrancy and pride through being a catalyst to individuals and local groups, increasing capability and helping residents achieve potential.”

Doing things

A number of reports have been received including from the Children’s Centre Activities, the Community Mini Bus, Vibrant’s Strengthening Communities work, Jigsaw Friends, ROLO Community Chest, Communications, CAB and from Creative Warsop. 

A range of projects have been approved as in keeping with Big Warsop’s vision, themes and priorities. These include SF4 Kids, Prosec Training and the Police for a Toughbook laptop for taking secure statements locally to avoid residents needing to get into Mansfield.

Looking ahead

The tension for the partnership is in being responsive to new ideas while ensuring it progresses the themes and actions already identified in the plan arising from the community consultation, including improving the environment through better outdoor play areas, supporting people for example through supporting a foodbank and supporting new businesses.

A priority for the partnership in April and May is to clarify whether to take forward a significant proposal reaching £105,000 for further investment in the Shed. The detail of this is may include a wider community consultation as in February 2016.

Linking further afield, the vice chair is also planning a workshop at a Spring event in May.

Bill Badham, Big Local Rep