Local Rep’s update for Quarter 1 2016

Big Local Rep’s report for January – March 2016

Looking back

This has been a very important three months for Big Warsop in reviewing the last plan and building toward a new two year plan, as well as seeing two big projects take off with the launch of the community mini-bus run through Meden School and of the Community hub run by Warsop Youth Club.

Running things

The partnership is thorough in its approach to reviewing and reflecting on progress. It undertook a review of its one year plan in January indicating what was going well and what needed development.

The partnership then hosted a community consultation event in February, attended by over 80 people from 25 or more local organisations. The process was well facilitated and drew out a whole range of ideas that Big Warsop could help support so long as there was the local drive and capacity to do so.

In March the latest draft of the new plan was agreed by the partnership, taking into account all the ideas from the February event. The plan is soon to be submitted to Local Trust for assessment. The new plan should be in operation by early June.

Doing things

Not only has there been a surge of activity, but the improved comms means these are swiftly being developed into what’s changed stories and shared via Facebook (532 likes) and Twitter (151 followers).

The two biggest pieces of news have been the launch of the community hub and the launch of the community mini bus being run through Meden School. Other stories posted on the What’s changed section of the website include Warsop Footpaths and Countryside Group’s project, purchase of new tables and chairs for the Warsop Parish Centre, supporting Hetty’s shop, helping the continuation of the CAB service and the new lunch club for older residents through Jigsaw.

Looking ahead

The partnership looks forward to seeing its investments in the community hub and community mini-bus being used by residents of all ages. It looks forward to a growth in activity of benefit to young and older residents. It looks forward to submitting its third plan and its assessment and launch, with an AGM to mark the next phase.

Working well

The wide-range of activities that are being funded through Big Warsop are bringing change and benefits and are much talked about by residents. The Community consultation event in February showed the appetite for better networking and sharing of resources which the new Big Warsop plan responds to in the hope of seeing new ideas and projects nurtured and taking off.