Local Rep’s update for Quarter 1 2014

Jan – Mar 2014: Looking back and planning ahead


The last three months have been very significant for Big Warsop, with a well-directed push from the chair, Michael Smith, to ensure the partnership’s focus on the community hub is not at the expense of other aspects of the delivery plan.

Community hub – the Aspire Centre

Regarding the community hub, the freehold was taken on by Warsop Youth Club early in the New Year. The business plan was completed by the consultants and approved by WYC. It was reviewed by the chair and those on the partnership board who are also trustees of WYC and sent to Local Trust. Local Trust’s approval of the plan is the green light for WYC to develop a schedule of works for agreement by Big Warsop to be able to release funding accordingly from the £100k development fund. Michael Smith, supported by Halina Kochanowski and Andrew Johnson, has guided this process very ably, ensuring at all times that the vision and intent of Big Warsop are respected and upheld throughout.


The first AGM of the partnership occurred on 26 February. It was well attended and progress applauded. The chair had ensured a written report and accounts were on hand.

Big Warsop on the web

Big strides have been made on communications, especially on the website which Michael Smith has been developing and adding to. All minutes are available and an increasing number of blogs are being posted, supported by use of social media to spread the word.

The plan

With progress being made on the community hub side, the partnership has reviewed other elements, including the Hopper, horticulture and adult learning. Horticulture has had a boost from effectively gathering an energised group together. The other two are lagging behind a bit.

Looking ahead

Work will continue on the Aspire Centre under the direction of WYC. Big Warsop will agree with WYC a time frame and list of works it will support through funding from the £100k capital development budget.

Michael Smith is leading on drafting an agreement between Big Warsop and WYC and this and the agreement between Eastwoods and WYC will be sent by Michael to Local Trust for confirmation / comment.

Progress on other aspects of the plan is anticipated as described above. Attention is being paid on the comms front to capturing and sharing stories of action and change.

Going well

Steering the development of a partnership with WYC, supporting them in taking over the freehold of a £350k asset, funding the feasibility study and business plan, gaining increased ownership for the initiative within Friends of WYC – these are big achievements and ones that lay the foundation in year one of the Big Local plan of a legacy lasting well beyond the ten years of Big Local.


The partnership has a lot on and relies not only on the leadership, but also the operational management of their Chair, Michael Smith. The Local Trusted Organisation could offer more consistent support to carry forward more of the actions in the delivery plan to help make it happen. The Chair, Vice Chair and hub lead are mindful of this gap and have it under review.


Relationships with Warsop Youth Club are good and need to be given the extent of the partnership! Relations with the Parish Council could be strengthened, though parish councillors are individually supportive and one is an excellent Vice Chair and trustee of WYC.

Bill Badham

Big Warsop Big Local Rep


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