The impact of Big Warsop funding

impactWe regularly share stories of Big Warsop funded projects, reporting on what has been happening and how local people have benefited from specific activities. What we share less often are some of the other ways that Big Local funding is encouraging and positively influencing local residents and businesses. To remedy this, we recently talked to Paul Sear from local company Care Trainers to find out how the training he has delivered for Big Warsop has not only helped the local community, but also motivated him to develop a business that focuses on serving the local area.

“I first approached Big Warsop to request funding for a defibrillator for Friends of Meden Vale,” Paul told us. “Not only did they give us the money we requested, they also funded a further four defibrillators for locations across the Parish. Big Warsop also asked my company, Care Trainers, to quote for defibrillator training, as well as courses in food safety and first aid.

“Care Trainers was chosen because our quote was the most competitive and also because Big Warsop were keen to work with local delivery partners.

“A lot of people signed up for the courses as they know Care Trainers and trust us,” Paul continued. “We’ve had a lot of input within our local community, including the setting up a Friends of Meden Vale Facebook group which has over 1,000 members. Because of that, I think people felt more confident about taking the training and asking questions beforehand to help them decide whether the course was for them. The training was delivered within the Parish, so it was convenient and eliminated the need to travel into town.”

The first aid and defibrillator training courses have given many Warsop residents the confidence to deal with anything from a minor cut to a heart attack. Having residents who are trained first aiders makes our community safer and can reduce the need for unnecessary visits to medical professionals.

“We’d like to train even more people within the community,” said Paul. “Quite rightly, Big Warsop has encouraged us to explore other ways to get funding and Vibrant Warsop has been very supportive, offering useful advice and signposting us to possible funding sources. To back up our funding applications we will require evidence of training needs within the local area. With this in mind, we’ve set up an online survey and we’d like as many local residents as possible to complete it. The survey only takes a couple of minutes and, if enough people provide feedback, we will have a clear picture of the training needed in our area.”

MFAPaul’s involvement with the first aid training funded by Big Warsop prompted him to rethink his business and led to the formation of a new sister company called Mansfield First Aid Limited.

“I’d been thinking about setting up a new company for a while,” he explained. “We were really busy travelling huge distances to deliver training and we wanted to develop another company that focused on local customers. The work we did for Big Warsop allowed us to take the time to set up the new enterprise and provided a modest but guaranteed income that helped to support the new venture through its first year. We chose to call the company Mansfield First Aid because it’s a name that does what it says on the tin! We aim to become the go-to training company for first aid in the Mansfield district.”

Paul concluded: “Big Local funding is all about letting residents decide how the money should be invested. It’s been very satisfying to deliver training to local people to equip them with skills that make our community safer, develop their self-confidence and give them useful knowledge and qualifications that can be used in the workplace.

“The impact of Big Warsop is really beginning to show in the area. The SIA training, for instance, has led to new work opportunities for local people and Big Warsop has been supportive of lots of other local initiatives such as Warsop Youth Club and Voices of the Vale Children’s Show Choir which are having a hugely positive influence in the community.”

By choosing to work with local delivery partners, Big Warsop will continue to invest Big Local funding in a way that benefits local residents, businesses and the the local economy. We wish Mansfield First Aid every success.

You can complete the online survey about training needs in the Warsop Parish using the following link: