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What we have discovered so far

Views on Warsop from the local community.

Over a period of 3 years information has been collected from the local community by the following ways:


1  Parish survey 2009  Warsop and District News


2 Stakeholder consultation in May 2011   B Legion


3  Warsop carnival 2011


3a. Our online survey was completed 42 times


3b. Written responses


Engagement activities 2012

1 Luncheon for Older people at Oaklands Cente   July


2 Contact with known community and voluntary sector groups   June  / July


3 Out and about in the various settlements of Warsop Parish + ice cream van and at community events. June  / July


4 Business audit. Using a model from the Association for Market Towns. Will be completed in December 2012  July – December


5 Leisure and recreation audit  Attached. Identifies a variety of local sport and recreational opportunities July – August 2012


6 Surveys conducted with young people and their families total the following numbers so far – Parental returns 32, Young People (8-12 years of age) 26, Teenagers (13-18 years of age) 22


Summary of findings

The following were the most frequently identified issues and themes from all of the consultations

1) Meeting the needs of young people, wherever they live within the parish and across all age groups, is the most commonly cited theme.


2) Following this, the need for training opportunities, for all age groups in the present economy is identified as an urgent priority, enabling residents to be as work ready as possible.


3) Quality of life for older residents is also recognised by a significant number of those asked to comment