A sparkling summer of activities from the Children’s Centre

1933456The last report submitted to Big Warsop from the Sure Start Children’s Centre shows just how many activities were available for children and families in Warsop over the summer, including baby yoga, a Big Latch On event, trips out, stay and play sessions, parties and discos.

On 4 August The Warsop Community was pleased to host ‘The Big Latch on’ which is a national event celebrating the achievements of the locally trained peer support group, which has received funding support from Big Warsop. The event recognised the work and efforts of newly qualified peer supporters and also raised £38 for the Latch On Charity.

Beside the seaside

On 9 August three coaches set off from Warsop Children’s Centre, Tudor Barn and Sherwood Street School on a trip to Mablethorpe and the Seal Sanctuary. In all, 111 adults and children who are registered with the Children’s Centre went on the trip, plus a further 28 people from the Warsop Parish who were either carers, grandparents or people from Age Concern. Unfortunately, the trip took place on what was one of the bleakest weather days of the whole summer, which meant that not all of the plans for the day could be achieved. However, parents and children braved the rain and wind and some of the children even paddled in the sea. Here are a few of the comments received from some of the people on the trip:

“No matter where you going and what is the weather like, it matters who you’re going with.”

“It was mine and my partner’s third anniversary and it was relaxing as a day with our little boy.”

“It was very well organised. Staff were very helpful –  I left something on the coach and they arranged for the driver to meet me and get it.”

One family from the Hetts Lane Holiday Club added:

“We’d like to thank the Children’s Centre for providing us with spaces for the trip. If it wasn’t for them we couldn’t have gone.”

Positive comments like this highlight the importance of joined-up working partnerships and the need for good community relationships.

Many parents can’t afford to take their children on holiday so, without trips like this, they wouldn’t get the chance to visit the seaside and create pleasurable memories. The positive feedback and comments from families shows the impact and importance of Big Warsop funding on the life opportunities of local families and how they can benefit from having things to do, especially during school holidays.

Warsop Carnival

Thanks to support from Family Action and Big Warsop and ROLO funding, the Sure Start Children’s Centre in Warsop was able to engage with local parents and the Hetts Lane Holiday Club to help support the design of a Carnival float. They also took part in the parade and had a stall at the carnival offering toys and activities for local families.

The day of the carnival was busy, but there was also a lot of work done in the run up to the event. Six meetings took place, including two Parents’ Forum meetings. At least four Stay and Play sessions provided resources for the Chinese theme, which was adopted for the multicultural carnival and float design.

Big Warsop/ROLO funded the craft materials for the float, resources for costumes and the facilitation of meetings, and the preparatory and involvement sessions. It also helped to fund refreshments for the busy volunteers and a celebration fuddle.

Rose Severn from the Children’s Centre said: “As a community we are indebted to the parents for their commitment and motivation during this project. To be awarded second place on the day in the carnival parade made this an even bigger achievement.”

123 Magic parenting course

Big Warsop funding allowed the Children’s Centre to staff additional creche workers, providing childcare for the parents who wanted to attend the 123 Magic parenting course.

The course provided useful strategies that parents can use to deal with issues such as longer term school dropout, suggesting clear and consistent boundaries for children to follow which will make them more likely to be able to follow rules when they get to school. Comments from the course include:

“123 helped me set consistent boundaries and family life is happier.”

“I found it enjoyable and informative. I’ve picked up on why my children behave the way they do.”

“I really enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt a lot.”

Oaklands and Tudor Barn Munch Lunch sessions

Big Warsop provided funding to support a Munch Lunch session at the Oaklands Centre which was attended by 62 parents and children. This was one of several sessions delivered over the school holidays to ensure that children did not go hungry. The sessions were targeted particularly at children who would normally receive a free school meal.

Adult Learning

Big Warsop funding also contributed towards creche workers for a recent Teaching Assistant Course in partnership with Vision West Notts Work routes. Adult Learning and progression into work features highly on the Children’s Centre and Big Warsop agenda. Parents with several children under school age can be disadvantaged through a lack of local childcare availability, so the Big Warsop funding allows for a more inclusive practice of training for all.

Back to School Disco

A back to school disco at the Oakland Centre offered music, party games and food. In all, 81 people attended. The event was a joint venture with other local agencies and reduced costs were negotiated to maximise the number of children who could access the event.

As you can see, the Sure Start Children’s Centre in Warsop has played a very active and supportive role in the local community over the summer and you can be sure they have lots more activities planned for the rest of the year.