Security training brings work opportunities for local people

A security officer at the concertBack in March this year, Big Warsop provided a second opportunity for local people to access free training that would qualify them to work in the security industry.

The five day training course for the Door Supervisor Level 2 qualification (including SIA Licence) was delivered by Prosec Training / Meden Event Security and was free for anyone over the age of 18 who lived in the Warsop Parish.

People who hold a Security Industry Authority licence can work in a range of security roles and many of the people who have completed the Big Warsop funded training have gone on to find jobs in the security industry.

One of those people is Marie, who completed the SIA training and gained her SIA licence in April. Following a change in her family circumstances, Marie needed to work more hours. She felt that the security training would provide her with new skills and a qualification that would allow her to earn some extra money for her family.

“When I was younger I worked in bars and I always envied the security staff,” Marie said. “They definitely had a presence and were well respected. Since then I’ve often thought about training for security work, but I couldn’t afford the course fee. When I heard that Big Warsop was funding security training for local people, I knew it was my chance to qualify and get my security badge.

“The training covered things like conflict management and basic physical interventions, but there was also a focus on customer service. We also learned about the relevant legislation and what you can and can’t do as a security officer. At the end of each of the five days of training there was a multiple choice test. You needed to achieve a certain percentage each day to pass and gain the security licence.

“The people on the training course were very friendly and supportive of each other. Those qualities are important because you need people you can rely on when you work in this industry.”

Before gaining her qualification, Marie had already started doing some football stewarding and, once she gained her SIA licence, she was promoted to a security role at the football club. She has also taken on security work at music festivals in Leeds and Rockingham.

“Recently I’ve started to do door work at night clubs,” said Marie. “It was a bit daunting at first, but I’m really enjoying it. The football work is regular, but the festivals come and go and I work them according to my availability. Security work is flexible, which suits me because it fits in with my family commitments. The extra income I’m earning through my security work is very welcome as it helps me support my family and means I will be able to afford to give my son the kind of Christmas and birthday he deserves.”