Our latest plan for 2018–20 is based on the updated profile report available here and a data report here.

The current plan covers the period April 2016 to March 2018.  The draft plan for the period 2018 to 2020 is available to read here on our website.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

The previous plan covered the period April 2015 to March 2016, and the first Big Warsop Plan was approved in September 2013 and ran for one year, focusing on two of the three big priorities that arose from the consultation.

The Big Warsop Plan has grown from extensive consultation and community engagement which began in 2011 and included a range of events, a video to capture people’s views, and discussions with a lot of small groups across the Parish. We also put together a Parish Profile for Warsop in September 2012 which you can download and read here.

Big Warsop is here to help and support local groups and organisations to make Warsop an even better place to live. It does not look to run things itself.

Our vision at the heart of the Big Warsop plan is to:

“Provide a catalyst and capability to make Warsop Parish great, helping residents achieve our potential and bring back vibrancy and pride.”

To achieve this vision we need to use the £1m Big Local fund over 10 years or more to foster wider community collaboration and provide capacity to support change in Warsop.

Our Big Warsop Plan priorities are:

  • strengthening communities
  • encouraging training and enterprise, and
  • influencing the Statutory Sector.

Strengthening Communities is about supporting local groups and organisations to achieve their potential in a sustainable way by funding activity, helping improve networks and building resources and skills.

This priority has two main strands: a grants panel in partnership with the local Rotary Club funding small projects and activities and the Hopper which responds to larger scale projects and programmes.

Encouraging training and enterprise is about building knowledge and skills, especially among young people, to help raise ambitions and be equipped for work.

This priority has two strands: supporting immediate opportunities for training and enterprise and funding Warsop Youth Club to develop the Eastwoods building to act as a hub to respond effectively in the longer term to social, enterprise and training needs in the parish.

Influencing the statutory sector is our third Big Warsop priority which we will focus on in our next delivery plan. We aim to open and promote channels of communication with statutory bodies to ensure a fair share for the Warsop Parish. This could include services provided by local authorities, NHS, Police, Fire. It will involve contributing to the Neighbourhood Plan, currently being prepared by the Parish Council.