Big Warsop reviews its plan and activities regularly. We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year and produce an annual report, which is presented at the AGM.

We also carry out regular reviews of Our Plan This does not necessarily happen every year – reviews are done when the latest phase of our plan is nearing completion. Plan reviews are about checking our vision, measuring the effectiveness of the themes and activities completed so far, and considering what has changed since the last plan.


Our Reviews

Our annual review for 2018 -2020 can be Read here

The annual review of activities from October 2016 to September 2017 can be read here.

Our annual review for 2016-18 can be read here.

You can read news of activities and achievements in 2015-2016 in the Big Warsop Annual Newsletter below.


Plan Review January 2016.

The Big Warsop Annual Report 20 May 2015 includes an overview of achievements and spend in 2014-15.

Back in February 2014, the first Big Warsop Annual General Meeting was held at Warsop Town Hall.

During the meeting the Big Warsop Chair reflected on some of the achievements, challenges and milestones from the previous 12 months.  The Big Local rep, Bill Badham, gave his thoughts on the progress we had made during the year and the financial statement was presented.

An overview of these points are contained in Big Warsop’s first Annual Report which can be viewed here.