Community groups are invited to ‘get on the bus’

MinibusWebMeden School has taken delivery of a new 15-seater minibus, funded by a £35,000 investment from Big Warsop. As well as providing transport for the school, the bus will be available for use by non-commercial community groups in the Warsop Parish.

Tim Gibbon from Meden School said: “The bus is going to be a valuable asset for both the school and the wider community in Warsop. We will be encouraging as many community groups as possible to use it.

“The purpose‑built bus has been adapted for wheelchair use to make it accessible to as many groups as possible. It will provide an economical way to transport groups of local people to various events and locations. We’re anticipating that it will be used by groups such as the Rotary Club, community bingo groups, and the Scouts. Whilst we won’t be able to supply a driver with the bus, we’ve chosen a vehicle that can be driven by anyone who holds a Category B car licence. Most people who are aged 21 or over and have been driving for more than two years should be able to use it, subject to some basic training and checks.”

The school will not be charging a fee for booking the community bus, but there will be a small charge for fuel, based on mileage.

Michael Smith, Chair of Big Warsop said: “When Meden School first approached Big Warsop about funding a minibus, we weren’t sure how the investment would fit into the priorities in the Big Warsop Plan. The Partnership Group discussed the idea and tried to think laterally and more creatively about how to fund a vehicle that would serve both the school and the local community. The arrangement we have come up with in partnership with Meden School provides a solution that should benefit a wide range of community groups in Warsop.”

Groups interested in using the bus will be able to check its availability and book online through Meden School’s website at