Mindfulness in Meden Vale with the Children’s Centre

Sure Start Children’s Centre recently opened the door at Meden Vale Bungalow to new and familiar parents to involve them in new adult and family learning opportunities.

On their first week they ran a mindfulness Chill, Chat and Relax session which was attended by 15 adults (including one grandparent) and 16 children.

The session included an “Introduction to Mindfulness” which was delivered as a family style learning activity, starting with interactive games such as wellbeing bingo and tasks that raised awareness of mindfulness techniques.

Ideas were suggested to parents to show what they can do with their baby and handouts and embedded learning opportunities were provided to give parents the benefits of mindfulness techniques. The session concluded with parents and children trying out mindfulness techniques and getting involved with “watch and do” ideas.

One of the parents attending the sessions said:

“I love how the Meden Vale Centre has changed. Well done and thank you.”

The sessions at Meden Vale Bungalow take place on Wednesday between 9.15am and 11.15am. Future sessions will include baby yoga, singalong-baby, and craft sessions with themes such as Valentine’s gifts and cards and Chinese New Year. Booking is essential for the craft sessions.