Measuring impact

PrintEarlier this year, Big Warsop was one of 20 Big Local areas to be chosen to take part in a piece of research conducted by Resources for Change on behalf of Local Trust. The aim of the research was to:

“Capture the impact, achievements and learning of some of the earliest plans to be endorsed to demonstrate what the Big Local model has been able to achieve and draw out learning for other Big Local areas moving into delivery. “

The researchers were also asked to find out how the Big Local areas they talked to were measuring the impact of their activities.

Across the 20 areas, the most frequently reported impacts for individuals were:

  • the development of skills and learning
  • confidence building
  • involvement in the community
  • employment and enterprise, and
  • social and interpersonal benefits.

These are key points that Big Warsop can relate to. We have achieved these impacts through activities such as adult learning opportunities, security training activities and lunch clubs and exercise sessions for older residents.

The Local Trust research also assessed impacts of a more collective or community nature, such as:

  • new services/facilities available and being used
  • organisational benefits
  • improved community spirit
  • making the area nicer and improving people’s perceptions about the area.

In Warsop these impacts have been achieved through investments such as the community mini-bus, support for the community hub, as well as funding for defibrillators and Warsop Carnival. The fantastic support shown at our recent AGM is a reflection of the impact Big Warsop is having within the Parish and shows the strength of local commitment for the project.

The researchers recommended some action points for Local Trust to implement. These included helping Big Local areas to make a connection between delivery and impact by maintaining a ‘golden thread’ between their activities and their vision.

Big Warsop’s vision is: “Provide a catalyst and capability to make Warsop Parish great, helping residents achieve our potential and bring back vibrancy and pride.”

The Big Warsop Partnership Board carries out regular reviews of the activities linked to the five themes in its plan to ensure that they remain relevant and beneficial and able to deliver the Big Warsop vision.

You can read summary report on this research or the full report on the Local Trust website here.