Independent assessment gives the thumbs up for Big Warsop’s new plan

Big Warsop’s latest plan has been submitted and assessed and approved by Local Trust. Anne Sherriff was the assessor and gives a very positive summary.

“Big Warsop presented a very thorough and well-presented Review which formed the basis for developing their new Plan and acknowledges that ‘our only integrity is through residents telling us what we have invested in has helped make Warsop Parish an even better place to live.’

It is clear that the partnership takes consultation and resident involvement seriously. Their social media presence is busy and they have a good and informative website. The Plan Review is posted online so is widely accessible. They created their area profile at the start of the programme, and have revisited it twice since using Local Insights. They are conscious that their usual engagement methods tend to hit the same groups so they are actively seeking wider reach. The Warsop Carnival attracts new people who they otherwise would not have contact with.

The Big Local Outcomes are subsumed into the Plan, embedded in all aspects of the programme. The Plan Review sets out a number of learning outcomes, and it is clear that these have influenced the ongoing plans: for example, the recognition that significant resources are required to enable the Shed to develop and become embedded. This is a huge, brave and bold vision but the partnership is committed to ‘backing their own horse’. They are putting their energy behind it.

Vibrant is a key partner, active around the parish and managing several projects (for which they also attract external funding to supplement BL’s investment). Big Warsop hopes, through their Strengthening Communities work, to leave a continuing legacy. They have helped to improve the parish and engaged more people. They have learned that there is strength in numbers and in working together. The partnership seeks to be open to new proposals but will also back what they know works.

A very clear budget is provided. The figures seem reasonable and reflect experience of previous spend over the last two years. Vibrant Warsop will, hopefully, outlive Big Local as a community trust to continue the work. A lot of thought has gone into sustainability and ensuring The Shed does continue but the partnership has also continued to support the less dramatic work too. They have maintained their focus on their vision and ambition.

The Big Warsop legacy is here and now, it is happening in Warsop and will continue happening.”