The little shop of opportunities

Hetty'sShopFrontHettys Charity opened its small shop in Warsop in December 2014. As the shop became increasingly busy, the volunteers wanted to maximise the space and broaden their services by extending into the rear of the shop and opening the upstairs for customers to use. Many of the people who visited the shop did so while they were visiting the health centre, and so Hetty’s shop also wanted to be able to offer customers a hot drink and a comfortable space where they could sit and chat with friends and the volunteers.

A £490 Community Chest grant from Big Warsop has enabled the shop to achieve these goals. Every customer is now offered a hot drink, which has helped to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere within the shop.

Hettys2Debbie Knowles from Hetty’s said: “Our customers are really pleased with the changes we’ve made to the shop. We’ve had lots of positive comments, with many saying that visiting the shop feels like being at home with friends and family.

“We’ve offered craft groups and workshops at the shop, including sessions on crochet and book folding, and we’re planning a willow weaving workshop and other exciting opportunities in the near future. Now that the upstairs of the premises has been painted, there are opportunities for small businesses and local traders to use the space. Already we have a client who displays her shabby chic furniture from the front room, and a tarot reader who comes in between 12noon and 4pm every Wednesday. There’s also a sewing group that meets weekly.”

HettysCrochetHetty’s has successfully recruited, trained and managed three work placements who are in post for 26 weeks each. This experience enables the placements to increase their knowledge and skills and gain confidence in customer service and working with the general public. As part of their training they are also taught pricing, merchandising and marketing skills.

“At the start of the project we had 10 active volunteers,” said Debbie. “Over the last five months, we’ve increased this number to 14 and we are aiming to recruit new members over the coming year by advertising in the shop, at Warsop Carnival and through social media.”

Hetty’s Charity Shop in Warsop is open from 9.30am to 4pm five days a week, plus one Saturday every month (they are hoping to extend Saturday opening to every Saturday throughout the summer). Take a look at their Facebook page at for the latest news and events.

Hetty’s Charity was originally started as a voluntary organisation in 1996, by a small group of mums who had suffered the pain and heartache of being affected by a loved one’s drug misuse. Through their passion and determination to support others in situations similar to themselves, Hetty’s has grown into the unique organisation it is today. They provide support and help to families affected by drug abuse.



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