Groups get Creative for Commemorative Poppy Sculpture

Earlier this week, Creative Warsop brought together groups and people from across the Parish to construct a very special poppy sculpture as part of this year’s Remembrance commemorations.

Groups gathered at the War Memorial on the morning of 29th October to assemble the sculpture.  Inspired by the touring Poppy Wave sculptures and caring for the environment, these remembrance poppies were created from recycled plastic bottles. The work evokes the art works of Paul Nash; an artist and army Officer, who served on the Western Front during The First World War. poppy 1

Creative Warsop Lead Tutor, Caroline Hughes originally worked with The Meden School enrichment group, looking at ways to express remembrance. The group conceived the idea for the sculpture and worked on prototypes for the poppies and wire. This sculpture features burnt-out trees, barbed wire and the poppies that sprung up from the churned-up mud on the field of the Western Front. The temporary structure has been positioned in a tin bath of the type that would be commonly used at the turn of the 20th century. The project of poppy making and installation was then continued by the Birklands School, with great enthusiasm and commitment.

“The children at Birklands school did a sterling job. It was so uplifting to have their support – they clearly expressed remembrance of people who died in the wars, they were so enthusiastic in the recycling collecting the plastic bottles, creating the poppies, and today in assembling the sculpture. Thank you so much to the eight young representatives of Birklands school and two of their teachers who kindly gave up half a day of their holiday to help assemble the sculpture”.

poppy 2The structure was displayed next to a Remembrance banner designed by Meden School along with individual poppies with special messages, each to a different soldier from each young person.

The day was supported by representatives of the Royal British Legion – Warsop, Meden Vale and District branch, who enthusiastically carried bags of sand, advised on the positioning of the work and placed memorial crosses. This meant that the young people not only experienced a real art installation but they had an opportunity to chat to Veterans. Quite a few local residents also enjoyed participating or observing the work being assembled. One Veteran, said he was very proud of the school’s contributions to create such a meaningful memorial.

Big Warsop is supporting Creative Warsop; a project aimed at empowering people in Warsop.  More information can be found on the Creative Warsop Facebook page.