Developing a resource for the whole community

WebPicsWebThe latest report from Vibrant Warsop provides an update on the continued development of The Shed @ The Adam Eastwood Building as a community hub resource for the local community.

The Shed provides a space that is available for hire for all kinds of activities, including events, markets, parties, classes and workshops. The Shed is used regularly during the week for Youth Club on a Monday, Warsop Judo Club on Tuesdays, Community Sports on Wednesday, the Youth Roadshow on Thursdays, and for Extreme Fridays sessions. Daytime slots are available for private hire during the week and at weekends.

It is also used for community events such as the recent Christmas Fair, which was held on 2 December.

Between August and November Vibrant Warsop reviewed The Shed’s policies and procedures and the employee handbook and developed a building user guide.

Mansfield District Council have assessed the building and requested that further work be completed so that phase 1 of the development can be signed off. Emergency lighting needs to be put in place inside and outside the building, which will require additional funding. Slabs have been laid around the building and quotes have been obtained for roof work, insulation, a heat pump and solar panels. The requirements of the users of the building will influence the design and ongoing development of The Shed.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 17.15.15Vibrant Warsop has also purchased 20 folding tables for The Shed which will be used at community events, such as the Christmas Fair. The Probation Service and community volunteers also supported a recent hedge planting event at the site, which was funded by Comic Relief.

Vibrant Warsop now has a clear understanding of the work that needs to be completed for phase 1 sign off and they have begun to identify funding opportunities and submit applications for funds to get the work finished.

You can find out more about The Shed here on the Big Warsop website and you can find out about upcoming events at The Shed and within the Warsop District at