Children’s choir hits just the right note

Group Of School Children Singing In School Choir

A new children’s choir called Voices of the Vale has been formed in Meden Vale. The choir’s director and choreographer is Amelia Elce, a classically trained singer who is passionate about music and performance. It was while she was working with Netherfield School on their summer and Christmas shows that Amelia realised how much young talent and burgeoning potential there was in Meden Vale. She set up the Voices of the Vale choir to give local children a chance to express themselves through music. The Big Warsop RoLo Community Chest has provided £250 of funding to help get it started.

“We’ve just had our second rehearsal and there are already 22 children involved,” Amelia said. “The choir is made up of both girls and boys ranging in age from 4 to 16. The children meet weekly on Fridays after school to learn songs from a wide range of musical genres, including classical, Irish folk songs and well-known pieces from musical theatre. They will also be given the opportunity to combine singing with movement and acting.

“I’m amazed at how confident the children are. Even at the first rehearsal most of them were willing to stand up and sing on their own in front of everyone. It’s already clear that we have many keen young singers in the village and some lovely voices.

“Less than an hour after the choir first met, we recorded a quick clip of them singing and posted it on our Facebook page. When you consider that some of those singers are only four years old, I think they did pretty well. Eventually our aim is to get the children performing solos, duets and ensembles and we’re hoping to organise a concert at some point, perhaps at Christmas.

“The feedback we’ve received from the children and their parents has been very positive,” Amelia concluded. “The children are absolutely buzzing and eager to come back for more.”

Anyone interested in joining the Voices of the Vale children’s choir can find out more at The choir meets on Fridays at the Methodist Church in Meden Vale. There is a waiting room for parents, or alternatively parents can drop off their children and collect them later.