Baby yoga brings positive results

young mother does physical yoga exercises together with her babyWe have received some fantastic and very positive comments from parents who recently attended a baby yoga course delivered by Sure Start Warsop Children’s Centre and funded by Big Warsop. Our thanks to Rose, the Community Development Worker, for sharing this feedback with us.

Rose said: “It’s nice to share lovely feedback – it makes our day! The baby yoga course was one of the added value courses funded by Big Warsop which we wouldn’t have been able to offer without the funding – so thank you Big Warsop.”

After completing the course, parents were asked to comment on how they had benefited from the course. Here’s what they said:

“I learned how to settle my son at night time by doing some baby yoga.”

“The course gave me ideas to bond with baby and keep him entertained.”

“It increased my baby’s flexibility.”

“The songs helped me remember the routine.”

“I learned new skills to take home and use with my little boy.”

“It was nice to exercise with my baby.”

“We sang the songs to Daddy to show off what we had learnt!”

“I really enjoyed baby yoga and would recommend it to other mums. I will continue to add this to my child’s routines. I have noticed lots of improvement in his flexibility and mobility.”

“I used this at home to help with wind and constipation and to settle my son at night.”

“I loved coming to the classes and socialising. I will enjoy doing it at home and I wish I could continue classes.”

Feedback like this is very important to Big Warsop as it helps us get a better understanding of the impact Big Local funded activities are having locally.