There is a strong tradition of adult education and training in Warsop and a continuing demand – but in the current economic climate some residents are finding course and accreditation fees, and childcare and transport costs a barrier to achieving their learning goals.

Our plan is to provide £10,000 of funding to bring better coordination across adult learning and to extend its range and reach. We have asked CVS to be our chosen partner to deliver an annual programme of learning based on local needs and feedback.

Expected outcomes

  • To improve knowledge and skills, sense of purpose and achievement among residents.
  • Delivery improved life opportunity through recreation, training and employment.

Education and Training Bursary

As part of this theme we offer an Education and Training Bursary to support training opportunities within the Parish of Warsop by making grants to education providers to help them deliver courses locally. Bursary funding is limited and applicants are advised to discuss their requirements with either Lesley Watkins or Mike Johnson to ensure that the request is appropriate for that fund, or email

For more information on the Education and Training Bursary, download the application here.